Maine vs the World
The idea that one phrase could represent what Maine is to so many people. That one phrase could capture the simplicity, beauty, uniqueness, and significance of this place that keeps us all coming back. That is what made us want to share our story and try to create something bigger.

Founded by four hometown friends, the Maine vs the World brand originated as a hashtag to share our moments chasing outdoor adventures, scenery, and the best days in this place we love to call home – #mainevstheworld to us means  ‘that it doesn’t get much better than this’ and ‘how could anyone want to be anywhere else’.

As we started to think about everyone who has a special connection to Maine–our fellow natives and locals, our loyal vacationers, and our friends who reside here a few weeks or months out of the year–we realized that Maine vs the World relates to anyone and everyone who’s had the pleasure of adventuring here.

#mainevstheworld is a way of living, exploring, and enjoying life the Maine way. It’s the places, the views, the sounds, the tastes, the feelings, the company, and the adventures—everything that makes you hold Maine a little closer to your heart than anywhere else. It could be as simple as admiring the scenery, or as personal as being at the family camp with the people that make each memory made there worth reliving.

Creating a sense of unity and connecting each person through their own unique Maine experience is what really hits home for us. To be able to share the hashtag and wear the logo while you enjoy life is what Maine vs the World is all about.

We’re excited to explore life with you one #mainevstheworld moment at a time! 

-chelsea, jay, brian and joe